Environmental Policy Statement

Majestic Metals LLC will promote and actively pursue the following action items concerning environmental, health and safety issues for its employees and the community.

1. Environmental Responsibility and Leadership<

Majestic Metals LLC is committed to demonstrating leadership and responsibility for the actions which impact the environment in a manner which will balance the environmental, health, safety and economic interest of all affected parties.

2. Implementation of environmental goals

Assign a member of senior management the responsibility for the successful implementation of this environmental policy statement.

3. Communication and cooperation

To communicate with the community about Majestic Metals, LLC’s operations, and to cooperate with groups committed to the responsible protection and preservation of the environment.

4. Efficient use of energy

To use energy efficiently. To purchase, whenever practical, updated equipment which uses less energy and to promote the use of new technology and methods which maximize output while minimizing energy consumption.

5. Pollution prevention and waste reduction

To prevent pollution whenever possible.  To keep the production of waste generated by the company to a minimum by continually striving to maximize the conservation, reuse, and recycling.  To encourage similar activities by suppliers, customers and others.

6. Environmental education

To train and educate all employees in environmental and safety principals.  To serve as a source for employees and the community at large from which they can obtain information regarding environmental issues.

7. Regulatory compliance

To comply with the standards set forth by local, state and federal agencies, which include: EPA, OSHA, Colorado Department of Health and Environment and other responsible agencies.

8. Community outreach

To serve as a community resource to encourage responsible environmental stewardship.  To provide service to community and national forums.  To serve on commissions, boards and other responsible environmental activities where possible.