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Amada LC-3015F1NT Laser Added To Majestic Arsenal

“The new laser cutting system from Amada represents the next generation of high production lasers” said Roberts.

Installation, employee training and process capability testing has been completed on the company’s newest laser cutting system according to David Roberts, Vice President for Manufacturing at Majestic Metals.

The LC-3015F1NT is engineered to provide high-speed processing, ultra-precise accuracy, superior cutting quality and full-range capabilities. The innovative design of this new series also provides an extremely flexible, user-friendly layout in a remarkably small footprint. Featuring a 3-axis linear drive system, no lens change technology plus ultra-fast piercing and cutting, the LC-3015F1NT takes productivity to a new level. Additional features such as Cut Process Monitoring and an automatic nozzle changer, enable the LC-3015F1NT to set a new global standard for laser cutting systems.

The machine will increase Majestic’s production efficiency by utilizing high speed power piercing functions on thick materials, dual high- speed rack and pinion servo motors for rapid positioning and a high-speed loading and unloading shuttle tables.

Cutting power is generated by a 4,000 watt solid state RF-excited style resonator. Combination of assisting gases and pulse waveforms allows cutting of materials just a few thousands of an inch thick to hot-rolled carbon plated up to 1” in thickness. Fine tuning of the current allows the system to “etch” materials for marking and graphics. Sheet size up to 61” by 122.8” can be processed.

Majestic Metals is a privately owned business and serves primarily the electronics, medical and storefront display industries by providing turnkey precision sheet metal products and assemblies.

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