Majestic Metals receives the First Colorado Environmental Leader Award

DENVER – Majestic Metals LLC, a Denver manufacturer of precision sheet metal, is the first company in Colorado to be recognized as an Environmental Leader by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Environmental Leadership status means the company has gone beyond minimum regulatory compliance and has adopted an enhanced environmental protection program.

Patti Shwayder, the Health Department’s Executive Director, said, "The department is pleased to recognize Majestic Metals LLC. as our first Environmental Leader. The company’s exemplary commitment to the environment should serve as a good example to other businesses in the state. We are proud to launch this nationally recognized program with a fine example of an Environmental Leader.


colorado image 1"To be chosen as the first member of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program is a distinct honor," said Stacey Dominguez, Manager of Environmental Health and Safety for Majestic Metals. "Our hope is that many companies will join us in this effort. Environmental stewardship is a legacy for future generations that cannot be ignored.

The Environmental Leadership Program is a voluntary program designed to encourage organizations regulated by the Health Department to go beyond basic compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

The program is the outgrowth of the work of a diverse task force made up of business, environmental groups and government representatives that Shwayder organized in 1995 The task force was a part of Shwayder’s Environmental CHANGE effort which sought innovative approaches to environmental protection.

"In designing this program, our goal was to offer meaningful incentives to those entities that go the extra mile for environmental stewardship," Shwayder said. "All too often in the past, government has only relied on punishing violators, while overlooking companies such as Majestic Metals and others who make important environmental investments."

Legislation to create the environmental leadership effort was passed in the 1998 Colorado Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Romer.

To participate in the program, an entity must have a good record of environmental compliance, with no serious violations in the past three years. An entity must also have an environmental management system in place and must conduct self-audits to ensure it stays in compliance. Participants must also maintain a successful pollution prevention program.

While participating in the program, participants are asked to take on projects that will benefit their organizations internally, mentor other facilities, and work with the community in which they are located. The program stresses the themes of sustainability, stewardship, resource conservation, and innovation.

Applicants are encouraged to develop their own applications in a way that both benefits them and the environment.

Stacey Dominguez, explained that, among other projects, Majestic Metals has implemented an ambitious program to phase out the use of solvent-borne coatings and replace them with water-borne paints and powder coatings. Not only did this eliminate the environmental impact from solvents released to the atmosphere, but also it saved the company $18,000 in costs of purchasing solvents.

"Pollution prevention and waste reduction is good for the environment, but it is also a good business decision," Dominguez said.

The Colorado Environmental Leadership Program, one of a small number of it’s kink and one of the most comprehensive in the nation, is open to any business, governmental agency or special district that not only stays in compliance with environmental laws, but goes beyond compliance by practicing pollution prevention or making operational changes to reduce impact to the environment.

For further information regarding this release or Majestic Metals LLC. in general, Contact Chip Roberts through this web site or by telephone at (303) 288-6855.